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Hi there, I’m David Raphael, a growth marketer based in Brooklyn.

I build bespoke growth machines for each of my partners, enabling them to deploy 7-8 figure marketing budgets while generating the maximum incremental lifetime value per dollar spent.

Between developing a diversified mix of acquisition channels, creating a granular retargeting strategy, testing into the most accurate attribution model, forecasting lifetime value, building the optimal ad tech stack and continuously optimizing the post-click conversion funnel, it takes expertise to build a high-functioning growth machine.

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300 Ashland Place.
Brooklyn, NY 11217



My Services

Media Buying

I help my partners seize upon opportunities for arbitrage in the endless global auction for attention. After understanding the north star KPI (e.g. fully break even on traffic costs within 30 days), I test paid ads across a broad swath of sources and cull those with the highest potential for driving efficient volume at scale.

Conversion Rate Optimization

I help my partners design multivariate testing roadmaps for their landing pages and email / push flows to better absorb traffic and extract better ROAS from marketing spend.

Tech Stack Consulting

I audit my clients current and future goals and assess their roadmap in terms of: Mobile measurement partner; Multi-touch attribution partners; Demand Side Platforms; Data Management Platforms; CRM platforms; Ad Servers.


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